Handmade in China (with love)

All the textile pieces of our timeless collections are designed with the handmade fabrics of Dong indigenous women from Rongjiang County, Guizhou province, Southwest China.

With contemporary designs, we participate in the preservation of Dong textile heritage, an entire culture threatened to disappear in the very near future. We believe that you can be part of the change with us.


    Our pieces are handcrafted with pure indigenous cotton harvested in the villages by our artisans living in tune with Nature. They spin the cotton by hand and weave on traditional looms, following the gestures of their ancestors.


    Our fabrics are exclusively dyed with medicinal plants, no chemicals are used within the process. Our light blue to dark blue palette is created with the indigo plant, our brown and copper tones with the shuliang root.


    Our pieces are infused with the unconditional love of our artisans for their inherited crafts and for Mother Earth. Thus, we believe that the Qi, the vital energy, of our materials is very precious and healing.

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DEYI 德逸, more than a design studio

We aspire to invite people to embrace a conscious living, more connected to the natural world and their inner self, nourished by Chinese ancestral wisdom. Thus, we curate a precious collection of handcrafted incenses following the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.